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Frequently Ask Questions
about the
National Health and Patient Advocate Survey

(Updated September 2017)

About the Survey

Q:        Who is eligible to participate in the Survey?

A:         Anyone who has been paid to do advocacy work. This includes people who work independently, for a health or patient advocacy company or health organization or institution. Please note the emphasis for this survey is to track data about advocates who are paid. Those who are unpaid will be invited to submit their names if they wish to be surveyed or contacted at a later date.

Q:        What questions are being asked in the Survey?

A:         The 2017 questions are identical to the 2016 Survey which you can see here.

Q:        Why should my organization participate?

A:         This survey of health and patient advocates, offered free of charge was developed with the objective of supporting the field – with no other motive. By participating, your organization’s students and members will be reflected in the results, and you will receive the results for free.

Q:        What if we choose NOT to participate?

A:         The fewer advocates and organizations who participate the less we will know about this emerging field. We believe that establishing baseline data from advocates will help advance the field by showing that it is growing, where advocates are finding success and where potential advocates may wish to focus their efforts in this profession.

Q:        Will we be able to identify the individuals who have taken the Survey?

A:         The Survey answers are submitted anonymously. Once the results are submitted, participants will be invited to submit email addresses so they can be notified of results. The effect will be results, plus a de-identified list of those who have self-identified as being interested.

Q:        May we/I make suggestions or edits to the Survey?

A:         This is the third year fielding the Survey, so we will use the same questions as last year to remain consistent. We hope that several hundred people will participate and allow us to potentially field follow up surveys to help answer other questions. We would welcome feedback on what questions supporting organizations want to ask for future surveys.

 Q:        How and when will results be available?

A:         We hope to have preliminary results available in November and will compile a report based on aggregate answers to the Survey. A final report will be issued by January. We will send out a report to participating organizations and individuals who have completed the Survey and agree to have the report sent to them electronically.

Q:        Is there any cost to participate in the Survey?

A:         No.

About the Coalition

 Q:        What is the Coalition all about?

A:         At this point, the only goal for developing a Coalition is to show advocates and the public that all participating organization have one goal: Supporting the profession of independent health and patient advocacy. It was born of the concept of asking all the organizations we are aware of to support the Survey. We are hopeful that together we can do more survey work, and possibly collaborate in other ways in the future.

Q:        Is there any cost to participate in the Coalition?

A:         No.

Q:        Does my organization have to sign on to the Coalition by providing our name/logo in order to participate?

A:         No.  We invite you to send the Survey to your students or members regardless of whether you add your logo and link to the Coalition website. If you do want to be part of the Coalition, but need more time to make it happen, please contact Beth, Robin and/or Trisha.

General Questions

Q:        How did the idea for the Survey come about?

A:         For a long time, representatives from all organizations have been discussing the need for data. It is difficult to change what you don’t measure. Because the field is still emerging and there are many different organizations out there, we (Beth Droppert, Robin Shapiro and Trisha Torrey) were willing to put some resources (i.e. time and money) into developing a high-level survey that wouldn’t take too long for participants to fill out and could benefit the entire field. This is not a ‘member’ based survey – meaning that this is not a survey to find out how organizations that exist can serve their members better. This is simply a baseline survey to identify how many people are doing this work, if the work and success is growing, etc.

Q:        How/who is funding this effort?

A:         The Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA) and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA) have provided financial support (purchase and utilization of survey software, domain name purchase for this effort) and have provided volunteer hours to develop, administer and compile the results, and develop the website.

Q:        My organization is an academic institution or is focused on more than just advocacy. Can we participate?

A:         Yes!

Q:        If my organization participates, may I promote survey results?

A:         Yes, absolutely!

Q:        If my organization participates, what do I need to do?

A:         There are several ways to participate:

  • Sign on as a supporter by notifying Beth, Robin or Trisha that your organization wishes to participate.  You will need to provide notification and a web-ready logo (and your organization name) by September 20, 2017.  If you sign on after that, we cannot guarantee that your organization will be listed on all the materials.
  • Send the Survey to your members or followers. We will provide you with a draft invitation (that will include logos of all organizations who are supporting this initiative) with a link to the Survey. The Survey will be fielded between September 20 and October 10, 2017.

If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact us at:

Organizations Invested in the profession of health and patient advocacy.